18 trous - Distance 6104m - PAR 72

Created by the New Zealand architect Chris Pittman in 1991 on 80 hectares of scrubland area, the 18-hole course "International" offers an interesting challenge for players of all levels. Its technicality makes it a challenge course, and the greens are renowned for their quality and timeliness.

The first seven holes are drawn on small scrubland hills, so a little hilly, many departures there are blind attacks somewhat elevated greens, make it a constant challenge in party game that puts game of trust tough test. From 8 to 13, the game starts are more open and fewer dangers allow for more relaxed play. From 14 to 18, the technical rigor is still (some blind greens) but this time with wider fairways, doglegs and large. Without a doubt, the 18-hole "International" is the guarantee of a very involved, two or more.

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